Another trophies for Justime from Germany!

After coming back from Lunar New Year holidays, we can't wait to share great news with all of our partners and friends. An international jury panel of 67 design professionals has selected six of our products to be the winners of iF Design Award 2019 .

  1. Arch-2 wall-mounted two-handle basin faucet made of lead-free brass 5790-92-81CP
  2. Pan-2 wall-mounted the handle faucet basin two handle faucet wall 6779-92,9779-92 (Lead -Free)
  3. Chapter Basin Faucet Set 6926-U7 
  4. Lucky 7 Basin Faucet Set 6777-U8
  5. Pan II Two-Handle Basin Faucet  6779-91, 9779-91 (Lead-Free)
  6. Yes Wall-Mounted Basin Faucet 6875-J0

Arch 2 Two-Handle Wall-Mounted Basin Faucet 5790-92-81CP

Arch 2 series is a reflection of the oriental "square concept", bringing its concept into the product design elements, the appearance of the smart will The combination of square and round elements, whether it is the front end of the water outlet or the body, contains the handle part, showing the soft and soft and natural design aesthetic, combining modern fashion with ancient wisdom.
As ancient Chinese proverb said, square implies honest, round implies intelligent and combination of both means wisdom. This great wisdom is the accumulation of Chinese culture for thousands of years, the principal of behaviors and embodiment of Eastern philosophy.
Square and round of Arch 2 Basin Faucet present on the spout and handles design to display the perfect interpretation of ancient wisdom and modern style.

Pan 2 Two-Handle Wall-Mounted Basin Faucet (Lead-Free)

The carefully crafted Pan2 series, with its minimalist design style, makes use of the combination of square and round. Although the application is the most basic geometric elements, it is subtly designed to change the unique innovative elements for the bathroom. Space has played a big plus.
Design Team created the Pan 2 Faucets with concise style, and integrated rectangular and circular lines into the shape design to fit for different basins easily and provide users various choices.



Chapter Basin Faucet Set

Chapter faucet basin is a new concept design that combines the faucet and the basin to give the concept of a "water supply vessel" another interpretation. The white basin is like a well. And the water outlet is like a scorpion, taking out the water from below, pouring it from the top, recreating its image, giving it a modern, fallen line, with an inductive switch, out A simple and simple aesthetic culture, write a new chapter on water and utensils.
Chapter Basin Set is a creative design combines basin and faucet together by inspiration of water supply. Pure white basin is like a well has been designed with faucet to get water like windlass. Water will be drawn out under basin and flow out from upper pipe to exact represent the image of windlass. Contemporary lines and sensor valve provide a brief appearance and increase the value of product.


Lucky 7 Basin Faucet Set 

LUCKY 7-U8面盆龍頭組以圓柱造型簡化開關和出水口的零件與外觀的線條搭配人造石盆座,獨特的把手設計,出水口360度旋轉調整因應各種狀況;LUCKY 7系列一直是許多設計師們愛不釋手的系列,簡單且獨特的外觀結構設計,更是跨時代設計的完美典範。
Succinct pillared shape design simplified lines of spout and handle for not only presenting complete figure to be brief and elegant, but also decreasing time and cost of production. Stick Handle has been designed to operate easily in wet or slippery conditions. Spout could be swiveled for convenient using.

Pan 2 Two-Handle Basin Faucet 檯面雙把手龍頭 6779-91、9779-91 (Lead-Free)

Design Team created the Pan 2 Faucets with concise style, and integrated rectangular and circular lines into the shape design to fit for different basins easily and provide users various choices.
 "Pan-" a combining form meaning "all." We are eager to hope all users would have chances to experience our high-quality products, and it could start from this Pan Series which has perfect harmony with various basins and bathroom designs.

Yes 2 Wall-Mounted Basin Faucet 埋壁式龍頭 6875-J0

YES 2系列為Y字型的幾何柱體與俐落線條,以線跟圓構築成完美比例,以最純粹的結構賦予龍頭另一種樣貌。
YES 2系列埋壁式龍頭將可能有故障風險的陶瓷閥芯、切換器等可能需要更換的零件置於牆壁外,以Y字型分配冷熱水把手與水量大小全新把手蓋外觀設計,以特別的金屬切削方法加工,增加握持扭轉力量,並同時呈現精緻的質感。
YES was designed with brief lines and geometric cylinder for simplifying outer shape and presenting the absolute image.
YES 2 developed with module inlet structure to simplify built-in valve and changed cartridge to be outside of wall not only reducing part and seams of joint but also increasing convenience of maintenance and maintenance. Cylindrical handles were machined to be operated facilely. User only need To operate lower flow rate control handle after well regulate water temperature by upper handle.