Three JUSTIME Designs Won 2019 Golden Pin Design Award

Three JUSTIME Designs has been selected to win 2019 Golden Pin Design Awards from 3,091 entries.

Yes 2 Concealed Shower Mixer & Thermostatic Shower Mixer 

YES series was designed with brief lines and geometric cylinder for simplifying outer shape and presenting the absolute image.

YES 2 developed with module inlet structure to simplify built-in valve and changed cartridge to be outside of wall not only reducing part and seams of joint but also increasing convenience of replacement and maintenance. Cylindrical handles were machined to be operated facilely. User only need to operate flow rate control handle after well regulate water temperature by the other handle. As users work with lower handle of basin faucet to adjust flow rate or shut off mixer, water will drop into basin for maintaining a clean space easily.

Handles were designed at ends of Y shape to reduce size of shower mixer; they could be hot and cold handles or thermostatic and flow control handles. Module inlet structure could be applied into various products with similar spirit and brief look.


Chapter Basin and Sensor Faucet Combination

Water is a necessity of life. Chapter faucets combine concept and imagination of western and eastern cultures with modern design, creating simple and beautiful products which herald a brand-new era of water containers.
Chapter Basin Set is a creative design combines basin and faucet together by inspiration of water supply. Pure white basin is like a well has been designed with faucet to get water like windlass. Water will be drawn out under basin and flow out from upper pipe to perfectly represent the image of windlass. Contemporary lines and sensor valve provide a brief appearance and increase the value of product.


Lucky 7 Basin and Faucet Combination

Seed is the fountainhead of plant, and each budding seed is the symbol of hope and happiness. Outlets of“Lucky 7”are like stalks to present various styles as creative ideas of designers. Basin Faucet Combination has been designed with basin and faucet, faucet is like growing stalk goes through the rock to present strong vitality and wills.

Succinct pillared shape design simplified lines of spout and handle for not only presenting complete figure to be brief and elegant, but also decreasing time and cost of production. Stick Handle has been designed to operate easily in wet or slippery conditions. Spout could be swiveled for convenient using.