Slide Bar Set (Stainless Steel)

The consumption of stainless steel is one of the important index for a country's industry development. In the series, products possess the very advantages of stainless steel. They all share the same extreme high qualities such as well hardness, antiacid ability and antirust performance, which are guaranteed the products' consistency. The long tube-shaped bracket are easy to install, and the holder can be adjusted vertically within the range of 50cm, providing different optimal heights for every user.

Color: Brushed

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6770-9T-80S1 Overview

6770-9T-80S1 Installation

1.Horizontal swiveling and vertical moving holder of hand shower.
2.Made of Stainless steel with brushed finish. Possessing the advantages such as high hardness, antiacid ability, and easy to maintain.
3.Lifespan of holder fastener up to 10,000 swivels test, providing long-term consistency on quality.

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6770-9T-80S1 SketchUp